What is the age range of your classes? Are different ages mixed together in one class? Our classes are for kids between the ages of 5 and 12 - approximately kindergarten through 5th grade. We defer to each school to choose a desired range. Some schools open the class to grades K - 5, while others limit it to one or a few grades (e.g. Kindergarten only or 3rd - 5th). Both scenarios regularly work very well, and we're happy to adjust the range to fit the needs of each school.

Are projects suitable for that full range of students? Will they be too tricky for my kindergartener or too childish for my 4th grader?  Art Brains projects are designed to be suitable and flexible for our full range of students. We adapt projects and assist younger students whenever needed, but all are feasible for our younger friends. We love seeing them tackle creative prompts and gain confidence, new skills, and approaches to making. Similarly, our projects are also superb for older students, who are capable of taking projects to a more elaborate and detailed level. We constantly hold successful classes with students of all ages in this range.

My 4 year old pre-schooler is very mature for her age - can she participate in an Art Brains class even though she's not in kindergarten?  We do not currently accept students younger than 5. Although we absolutely love pre-school age kiddos, there's a significant jump in ability that seems to happen during the year of kindergarten, and the pace and concepts of the class may not be ideal for your 4 year old. Please do join us next year!

Why is this class more expensive than some other classes I've seen? Does it include materials fees?   Please note, some schools need to add their own fees on top of ours, and this is not always advertised. Otherwise, the cost of an Art Brains class is the minimum we need to run the class, pay our wonderful teachers, and supply all materials, which are included in the cost. We are an independent vendor (as opposed school faculty) and we employ a wider range of materials than most after school programs. This latter point is one of the main things that makes us awesome: the materials we use are varied and fun. Projects change every season, and give kids a chance to experiment with different media and approaches to art making. When you register for an Art Brains program, you are signing up for drawing, painting, sculpting, collaging, story-telling, writing and sometimes performative and video projects, among other things. We couldn't imagine doing things any other way! 

Do you offer scholarships or other assistance for lower income families? Yes. Administrators, please do contact us to inquire about pricing and any possibilities. Limited scholarship spots are available, and we may be able to adjust some factors to make costs more manageable for Title 1 schools.

Do you offer any instructional classes like figure drawing or pottery?   Not at this time. We have great respect for the honing of a craft, and teaching various techniques and skills is part of what we do, but our primary aim is to inspire kids of all skill levels to be as creative as possible. Projects focus on imagination and independent thinking, rather than technical instruction. 

Do you offer weekend programs or summer camps?   Art Brains does not currently offer any weekend programs, but we do offer after school art programs and, occasionally, some Art Brains Summer Labs. If you would like to bring a program to your school, please submit a request here, and we'll try to make that happen!

Have more questions? Please give a shout!: marissa@artbrainskids.com