*Art Brains is currently on hiatus and will not be running any classes during the 2019-2020 school year.

We are so grateful to all of the families and partners we have worked with over the past 8 years! Thank you for your support, enthusiasm, and creativity. <3


The ART BRAINS program moves far beyond the average arts and crafts hour, inspiring kids to think independently, creatively problem-solve, and expand on their ideas in an atmosphere of high imagination and empowered experimentation. Our program is founded on the belief in the innate creative capacity in all children that, when exercised and encouraged, has the power to enrich all aspects of their lives. We know that kids engaged in the arts gain academic and problem-solving ability, confidence, interpersonal skills and empathy, and our creative curricula are designed with these qualities in mind. Our students grow these abilities while creating with a variety of media, and imagining themselves as scientists, magicians, explorers of new worlds, architects, archeologists, movie makers, city planners, costume designers, musicians, story-tellers, museum curators, detectives, inventors, historians, chefs, and astronauts. Your child contains multitudes, and we are passionate about inspiring new discoveries by activating their *art brains*!

We hold fundamental and instructional art lessons in high regard, and our art classes are taught by talented, educated artists. That said, Art Brains strive to inspire the creative power in each and every student regardless of technical ability. Rather than focusing on pre-prescribed or “how to” lessons, we like our students to start from scratch as much as possible: to creatively problem-solve, invent, and consider new perspectives. And we like them to do this within the framework of fun project concepts while experimenting with a variety of materials. Our students typically draw, paint, fabricate, sculpt, construct, write and more throughout the course of a single session. Sometimes, they even dance!

In short, our students do cool stuff! Past projects have included mapping imagined landscapes, shadow machinesglow snobeshaunted house videoslarge-scale diorama projections, fossil collections, wearable costume art,  installations with light and audio, "campfire" stories, invented holidays, ice cream time machines, secret code creation, writing music for plants and animals, ghost pizza, moon rocks, poem collages, detective work, and climbing inside the belly of a whale.  No matter what our students are doing from one day to the next, we can promise you they will be engaged in more than simple arts and crafts: they will be thinking, inventing, and growing their abilities within a fun framework of themes including science, history, anthropology, nature, story-telling and magic! Check out our Pictures page for more examples, and our blog page for the very latest. The Art Brains 2012/2013 Yearbook can be viewed here.

We were honored to be voted Best Art Classes for Kids in the DC area via Red Tricycle's 2013 "Totally Awesome Awards" and to be a "Best After School Activities" finalist in 2016 as well.


Below is a list of schools with whom we have been proud to partner on after school art classes, summer camps, and other special programs:

Aidan Montessori School (DC)

Aldrin Elementary (VA)

Arlington Traditional School (VA)

Armstrong Elementary (VA)

Bannockburn Elementary (MD)

Barcroft Elementary (VA)

Bethesda Elementary (MD)

Beverly Farms Elementary (MD)

Bradley Hills Elementary (MD)

Browne Academy (VA)

Chevy Chase Elementary (MD)

Chesterbrook Elementary (VA)

Churchill Road Elementary (VA)

Claremont Elementary (VA)

Congressional Schools of Virginia (VA)

E.L. Haynes Public Charter School (DC)

Fallsmead Elementary (MD)

Forestville Elementary (VA)

Fort Hunt Elementary (VA)

Francis Scott Key Elementary (VA)

George Mason Elementary (VA)

Hoffman-Boston Elementary (VA)

Hollin Meadows Elementary (VA)

Hunters Woods Elementary (VA)

The Lab School of Washington (DC)

Lafayette Elementary (DC)

The Langley School (VA)

Lemon Road Elementary (VA)

Mantua Elementary (VA)

The Maret School (DC)

Maury Elementary (VA)

McKinley Elementary (VA)

Mosby Woods Elementary (VA)

Murch Elementary (DC)

National Cathedral School (DC)

The Norwood School (MD)

Nottingham Elementary (VA)

Oakridge Elementary (VA)

Oakton Elementary (VA)

Oyster-Adams Bilingual School (DC)

Patrick Henry Elementary (VA)

Polk Elementary (VA)

The Potomac School (VA)

Primary Day School (MD)

The Sheridan School (DC)

Somerset Elementary (MD)

St. Bartholomew (MD)

St. Mark Catholic School (VA)

St. Patrick's Episcopal Day (DC)

St. Thomas More Cathedral School (VA)

Timber Lane Elementary (VA)

Tuckahoe Elementary (VA)

Waples Mill Elementary (VA)

Westbrook Elementary (MD)

Wolftrap Elementary (VA)



Art Brains is pleased to partner with Enrichment Academies, Inc. and Enrichment Matters at a number of schools. Both organizations work to assist PTA's in the coordination of after school classes. We are open to working with other similar organizations, but can not and will not partner with companies who overcharge parents, take an exorbitant percentage of vendor income, or otherwise operate in a manner we don't consider ethical or safe.